Apple Logo Revamp

So I first saw this on Marketing Week, via computer arts. Anything Apple do always generates a lot of discussion and strong opinions.

My first impression was not great. The first thought I had was that it was a little wishy-washy for Apple and not ‘distinctive’ enough. That said, I am not sure what would make it distinctive exactly, but that was my first reaction.

It also looks a bit Microsoft Windows-like! Not a good thing at all.

I like what ‘Darthy’ said on Computer Arts about the move away from the Web 2.0 style (reflections, shininess, gradients). That style is definitely over played, but maybe that is due to the previous couple of Apple Logo designs!

In summary I am not a big fan, but at the same time am not entirely sure what I would suggest as an alternative, but definitely loose the multicoloured watercolour look. It gives a dated look…the last thing Apple would like to hear I am sure.


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