Advertising agencies and the word ‘Digital’

Guerrilla Thinking Tumblr – Ban the word ‘digital’

When I saw the title of this blog article I got very excited.
But I was disappointed. It isn’t really about what I thought it would be. It seems to be more about the marrying of creative teams with digital teams within an organisation. So perhaps it is in that sense they are urging people to loose the labels to help with the integration process.
So that is fair enough, and that is obviously what the blogger intended to cover with that title. I however thought it was going to be a more general comment about how all agencies now seem to call themselves ‘digital agencies’.
It seems to me a bit of an unnecessary adjective. It may well have been necessary five years ago but I think the fact that agencies focus on digital channels is a-given in 2012.

Back to the content of the linked blog article above, and I do like the reference to the importance of story-telling ability. That bodes well for me, coming from a degree course with a strong emphasis on the importance of narrative. It is great to be reminded of this little secret weapon I possess and which I should make more of when discussing my skills and appropriateness for positions.
So jolly good then.


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