Marketing for the Creative Enterprise

I just read quite a good article by David Parish on about the importance of choosing the right customers for your creative product or service.

It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but equally it is easy to dismiss the power of good marketing and often it is dismissed as quite simply ‘selling out’.

This is definitely an issue that plays on my mind when I think about producing site-specific work, and realise that in order for it to be a success, not only does the content need to be top notch, but I need to encourage the right people to see it. Friends and family are all well and good, but they won’t be offering commissions now will they?!

It also made me think about the Your Paintings projections that occurred last Friday – in my mind a prime example of lack of publicity or the might marketing, as I haven’t seen much (or any) evidence of discussion or mention online or in local press. Seems a real shame because I think you could have easily packaged that up as an exciting event to stimulate public interest in the’Your Paintings’ project as a whole.

Full article here


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