Ambiverts and problem-finders

“It is in fact the discovery and creation of problems rather than any superior knowledge, technical skill, or craftsmanship that often sets the creative person apart.”

I’ve heard people say generically before, that life is all about selling; whether it be yourself or a service or a point of view. This article in BrainPickings provides a nice insight into the way we sell our ideas and also helps to distinguish what sets apart those really creative individuals.

The crux of the argument being that the really creative folk seek to create problems, rather than to solve them. This seems almost contradictory, but then if I think about it in terms of noticing or conceiving a problem where others may not see it, then it does make sense – in a strange abstract way!

This is a bold quote from the author of To sell is human: the surprising truth about moving others, Dan Pink

“The more compelling view of the nature of problems has enormous implications for the new world of selling. Today, both sales and non-sales selling depend more on the creative, heuristic, problem-finding skills of artists than on the reductive, algorithmic, problem-solving skills of technicians.”

I think deep down we all like to think of ourselves as problem-finders, but to honest I think aspiring to be a good problem-solver is of equal value.


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