Trends for Video Marketing 2013

I’ve been doing some research into the trends for 2013 – just to keep abreast of what the industry is saying, and found a couple of points I felt were worth a mention.

The following are noted by Spectrecom in their article on trends for 2013;

‘Under the hood’ dynamics

Agencies and marketers need to have a good understanding of the technology underpinning a video, never more so than now as it becomes more complicated to embed media, as the ecosystem of digital continues to evolve. The more flexible your video is in the way it’s constructed, the better it can be adapted to different platforms. It sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to skirt around the nitty-gritty when making a video and simply format it for one platform. We could all do with paying more attention to the ‘underbelly’ allowing us more flexibility with the content we produce.

The Convergence of offline and online media

Quite simply this is something else that needs to be at the forefront of our minds when we begin a campaign. Spectrecom put it very succinctly “Customers no longer have offline or online experiences; they simply have a brand experience.” You need to be relevent to your customer across different contexts and take a converging approach to projects.

These are just a couple of over-arching philosophies worth taking forward in 2013.


Original article from Spectrecom





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