Huntzz smartphone app

I cannot quite recall where I first heard about this app, but needless to say I have been thinking about it quite a lot since…


At University I created an locative project which combined audio and live performance. It was an exploration of the history of a central part of the city of Bristol; what used to be in that part of town and questioning the significance of the area now.

It was also intended as a comment on commercialism and it’s sprawling nature; how our standard solution to a derelict urban space is to slap some shops in there paired with over-priced flats. Its so common now it seems like a tired cliche, but even so I felt quite strongly about it and essentially my project was born out of that passion.

So when I read about this Huntzz app, I thought it could be quite a good way to build upon his piece of work I created 3 years ago. If I ever get round to it, I’d love to create and submit a hunt for this app, based upon local history of Bristol. There’s the potential there for creating a series of them too.

Huntz is a smartphone app with real-world scavenger hunts and tour guides; the app also allows you to create your own!


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