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Just a sample of the quotes on offer at Creative Confessional.

This is their latest post and already one of my favourites.

I catch people doing this all the time, in fact, I am pretty sure – I was doing it myself the other day. uuummmm


A new work by artist Jamie Gillman will be unveiled this evening in Bristol, by the mayor George Ferguson.

A joint initiative between the Bearpit Improvement Group and PRSC in bristol, the new 12 ft bear sculpture called URSA will reinforce the idea of the bear pit as an outdoor gallery.

Short video of the making of URSA

This has been a bit of an ongoing debate amongst my pals – whether ‘Zingy’ the EDF character is meant to in fact be a poo or perhaps more appropriately a flame???!!

I just learnt from reading this article online in Drum, that the fictional character is called Zingy and was created by the company Beatbots as a robotic mascot for the utilities firm.



…but back to the important issue…what is Zingy really meant to be? I guess it is open to interpretation, however I would like to add that it would be weird for the dog to be carrying a poo around – a flame of course, totally normal.

from IWANT design

from IWANT design

ICON magazine have a great little feature called re:think and they asked the design studio IWANT to contribute for issue 117.

IWANT chose what they consider to be the single most important piece of paper you are ever given – your birth certificate.

The design above is what they came up with and I reckon it’s jolly nice. Too be honest I am a big fan of the layout, lots of black lines and subsequent boxes, and would be very happy if the document of my birth looked like this – although perhaps with one admission. When I was born, I popped out with a thick crop of dark brown hair, which then proceeded to fall out and was replaced with a near-white blonde curly mop. Thus if my birth certificate had followed the above format, it would state that I my hair colour was brown which would be very misleading.

Some useful information on their re-design can be read here.

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