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Geometric-style figures created by Hey Studio from Barcelona.

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Folding Paper Door

Evolution Door by Klemens Torggler

Just when you think ideas for the humble door are completely exhausted…


A great example of when things don’t go according to plan, but then something better happens as a result!

This is the story of the artist Janet Echelman, who arrived in India in the late 1990’s ready to embark on tour of the country giving painting exhibitions. However unfortunately for Janet, her all-important painting supplies that she had shipped ahead of time, never arrived.

As she wandered around the fishing village of Mahabalipuram, her attention was drawn to the quantity and variety of nets used by the local fishermen. From these observations came the idea to suspend and illuminate them, thus creating a new kind of sculpture.

Happy accident.

JanetEchelman2 Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman

1.26 at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2012

1.26 at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2012



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