The guys at work are all a-chatter about selling a parallax scroll into a client. Fun times for them if the client agrees.

So I’m posting a couple of my favourite examples.

The Kennedy example for the merit in its execution; the ‘Every last drop’ for its jovial fun.

My animation friend tells me ‘parallax is over’ but I am still admiring it.


Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy






Every Last DropEvery Last Drop2Every Last Drop 3Every Last Drop 4



My initial reaction was, “Superb Idea!”

Then I watched it.

I don’t think it works for all of the paintings, but certainly for some it brings details and stories to life in your mind.

Italian artist Rino Stefano Tagliaferro has directed a short film in which he brings classic paintings from art history to life, using the 2.5D effect.

Take a look and see what you think…

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