Water slide on Park Street anyone?

50m slide in ashton court bristol

50m slide in ashton court bristol


Luke Jerram specialises in interactive installations, and has plans to install a giant water slide on Park Street this summer.

Sounds great to me.

I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to have a go; I always wince when I see skinny jeans-with-a-man-inside flying down the hill on their skateboard.

Jerram spent some time at the tail end of 2013 testing slides in Ashton Court estate, as in the photo above.

I am a real fan of Luke’s work; in particular his project “Play Me, I’m Yours” from 2009. He placed pianos around the city centre to encourage public participation.

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shuttersShutter Art in Bristol Town

A new work by artist Jamie Gillman will be unveiled this evening in Bristol, by the mayor George Ferguson.

A joint initiative between theĀ Bearpit Improvement Group and PRSC in bristol, the new 12 ft bear sculpture called URSA will reinforce the idea of the bear pit as an outdoor gallery.

Short video of the making of URSA

I cannot quite recall where I first heard about this app, but needless to say I have been thinking about it quite a lot since…


At University I created an locative project which combined audio and live performance. It was an exploration of the history of a central part of the city of Bristol; what used to be in that part of town and questioning the significance of the area now.

It was also intended as a comment on commercialism and it’s sprawling nature; how our standard solution to a derelict urban space is to slap some shops in there paired with over-priced flats. Its so common now it seems like a tired cliche, but even so I felt quite strongly about it and essentially my project was born out of that passion.

So when I read about this Huntzz app, I thought it could be quite a good way to build upon his piece of work I created 3 years ago. If I ever get round to it, I’d love to create and submit a hunt for this app, based upon local history of Bristol. There’s the potential there for creating a series of them too.

Huntz is a smartphone app with real-world scavenger hunts and tour guides; the app also allows you to create your own!

A few snaps from my Sunday photo session in Redcliffe, Bristol. Shots of the old Pilkinton glass factory and surrounding industrial buildings.

More can be seen on my Tumblr

All images shot with my Lumix GH1 and kit lens.




Door 2
Door 2
Door 1

Door 1



Thought this was worth a mention…the old Duke of Lancaster cruise ship, that has been dug into the Dee estuary in Flintshire (wales) since 1979, has been given a make-over by graffiti artists from around the world. The artists include a number from Bristol – yay!

The ‘funship’ reference was the name it held during the 80’s when it was used as a bar and flee-market, which you must admit undoubtedly was fun.

So I believe the overall plan is to turn this into an open-air gallery, so the works can change and evolve. My frame of reference is the open-air gallery-esk space we now have on Nelson St in Bristol – and it’s great to see a similar thing going on but with the contrasting backdrop and context of the rugged Welsh coast. Rural-urban-art if you will!

My favourite is the skeleton with his head housed in a bird cage

Skeleton in bird cage


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