Beautiful crisp animal icons from George Bokhua. What is not to like about these?



Much like enjoying a brew in the morning is one of life’s simple pleasures – as is admiring the beaut of these ceramics by Steve Hansen.

SteveHansen_1 SteveHansen_2 SteveHansen_3 SteveHansen_4


Via The Coolector


Vice provides me with light entertainment from time to time. The occasional “oh yeah did you see that thing on Vice…” conversation pieces, you know.

This could be one, if I could muster the courage to venture “So…you see that Anus hotel?”.

Until I do, I can share it on here –





Via Vice Uk

The guys at work are all a-chatter about selling a parallax scroll into a client. Fun times for them if the client agrees.

So I’m posting a couple of my favourite examples.

The Kennedy example for the merit in its execution; the ‘Every last drop’ for its jovial fun.

My animation friend tells me ‘parallax is over’ but I am still admiring it.


Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy






Every Last DropEvery Last Drop2Every Last Drop 3Every Last Drop 4


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