Beautiful crisp animal icons from George Bokhua. What is not to like about these?



Just seen a lovely piece of graphic design work I wanted to share.


The brief was “Everything About One Thing”

“Gather a complete knowledge about one single thing and make that accessible for the public in the form of either a book, magazine or digital presence.”

Student Dominic Tunstall created a book about colour blindness, check it out here:


Via Design Taxi



Loving this…


The Animals were discovered by Paul Middlewick in 1988. They’re created using the tube lines, stations and junctions of the London Underground map. Paul found the original animal, the elephant, while he was staring at the tube map during his daily journey home from work. Since then, Elephant & Castle, as the elephant is called, has been joined by many others from bats to bottlenose whales.





I cannot believe that I haven’t come across the work of Andy Gilmore before. Having read a bit about him, I am sure I have probably seen an example of his work somewhere, with such an extensive list of high-profile clients.

Simply put – I love the triangles – whenever I find myself doodling the patterns that emerge from my pencil are almost always based on triangles – not sure what that says about me!

But anyway, his work is amazing. I found the above image on Designspiration. Then found this video where he discusses his work, so thought this was also worth a share – although I must warm you it is pretty cryptic! Andy has artist waffle down to a tee – and by that I mean talking about his work in a way that doesn’t actually make much sense but simultaneously seems quite clear – clever trevor…

Andy Gilmore by Ghostly International


Beautiful series by Adrain Johnson celebrating classic cameras.

“The bold colour palette and exquisite craftsmanship is sure to appeal to those with graphic, photographic and/or nostalgic tendencies.”

Yes, I’d agree with that, may I have all three tendencies…?


from IWANT design

from IWANT design

ICON magazine have a great little feature called re:think and they asked the design studio IWANT to contribute for issue 117.

IWANT chose what they consider to be the single most important piece of paper you are ever given – your birth certificate.

The design above is what they came up with and I reckon it’s jolly nice. Too be honest I am a big fan of the layout, lots of black lines and subsequent boxes, and would be very happy if the document of my birth looked like this – although perhaps with one admission. When I was born, I popped out with a thick crop of dark brown hair, which then proceeded to fall out and was replaced with a near-white blonde curly mop. Thus if my birth certificate had followed the above format, it would state that I my hair colour was brown which would be very misleading.

Some useful information on their re-design can be read here.

…A new iconographic news aggregator!

I originally heard about this in Computer Arts, and wanted to share it!

I think it’s great little idea and am quite fond of the execution too.

It was a little amusing to read a comment from a guy on Form Fifty Five, who is probably a little bit pissed….here is his own site:

Yep….got to hand it to you pal, that is definitely similar.


Original content via Computer Arts and Form Fifty Five.

Original work from Icon Times and A headline a Day.




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