Sometimes simple ideas are the best.

I think it is the sentiment that is great here.

Admittedly this campaign is from summer 2013, but still brilliant.



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Selling your second hand car – why not market it like a brand new shiny automobile?!

That’s what this guy did –

I recently did a post about an old friend who has just launched a charity beer…well…BrewDog have just released a ‘Protest Beer’ mocking Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay stance in Russia.


‘Hello my name is Vladimir’ comes in a bottle decorated with five Warhol-style images of the Russian president wearing makeup and lipstick.

The brewers have made the double IPA with Limonik berries – which some Russians hunters believe enhance sexual performance in men!

The beer was launched on 4th Feb by the Scottish Brewery to support the LGBT community ahead of the Winter Olympics.

The beer is now available in all BrewDog bars and online at for £2.89, 50% of the profits are being donated to charities which help oppressed minorities.

So an old pal of mine has launched a charity beer company. Thought it was a grand idea and wanted to share it.

Two Fingers Brewing3

The Two Fingers Brewing Co is the only beer brand which gives all of it’s profits to Prostate Cancer UK.

I contacted the guys to ask if they would offer a few words about how/why they launched the brand and began their adventures in brewing…

“As seven guys who work in marketing, launching Two Fingers Brewing Co. and creating Aurelio is our way of using our skills and love of craft beer to support a cause that‘s really close to home, because several of our colleagues have been affected by prostate cancer – and we’ve learned that the chances of us getting it are shockingly high. “

“The stats are that 1 in 8 British men, rising to 1 in 4 black British men, will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point so it’s pretty much certain that one of us, or someone we care about, will get it.”
“Prostate cancer kills as many men as breast cancer does women, but support and awareness for it is tiny in comparison.  So we thought we should do something – and we were too lazy to run the marathon, so we launched a beer brand. “

“After all, since guys love beer so much, we figure it’s about time there was a beer that gave back – and drinking Aurelio makes joining the fight against the most common male cancer as easy and enjoyable as reaching for the bottle opener.” 

Two Fingers Brewing2

All sounds great.

‘Aurelio’ their first product, pictured above, means Golden in Latin. All of their beers draw strong men’s names from different countries and cultures.

Go and buy a bottle from your local tesco! The first and only time I will advocate supermarket shopping.


This has been a bit of an ongoing debate amongst my pals – whether ‘Zingy’ the EDF character is meant to in fact be a poo or perhaps more appropriately a flame???!!

I just learnt from reading this article online in Drum, that the fictional character is called Zingy and was created by the company Beatbots as a robotic mascot for the utilities firm.



…but back to the important issue…what is Zingy really meant to be? I guess it is open to interpretation, however I would like to add that it would be weird for the dog to be carrying a poo around – a flame of course, totally normal.

This is the golden question everyone wants to know the answer to! Especially in this over-saturated world of digital content, where everyone has something to say about pretty much everything. How do you get your idea to stick and to ultimately make it big?

Why do some ideas rise to the surface, whilst others seemingly blend into the mix?

I’ve read a lot of contradictory theories about how to win when it comes to marketing your idea, product or service. The common mistake people seem to make is to try and appeal to the masses. The problem with this is that your creative work can ultimately suffer as your unwittingly water-it-down or try to appropriate it in order to turn more heads. You may find yourself needing to dress it down or perhaps camouflage the real message, to soften the blow and make something more appealing.

The problem here is that you are trying to second guess the opinions of a mass market, and even with the best will in the world this is going to be tricky.

In this recent TED video presentation by the Marketing Guru Seth Godin; he seems to reiterate an approach which is making more and more sense. Although at first it seemed a bit contradictory to what your instinct tells you “sell to as many people as possible” as per the duff approach I explained above where you aim for EVERYONE!

He provides a lot of clarity on the issue. You essentially need to identify those who would be interested in your idea and focus on them, with the hope that they ten spread this on to others. You need to target the enthusiasts; these are the people who are passionate about something, enough to tell others about it. The concept being that if you can get them enthused and interested in your remarkable idea, they are the people likely to spread it to others. It is their expressed interest and passion in your concept that naturally encourages the idea to be passed along and grow organically.

IN a nut shell, we used to think you should target those in the middle, but what we should be doing is targeting those on the fringes…simple right?!!!

Watch the video:



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