By the Russian photographer and illustrator; a series she started in 2011 she calls Milky Photo.

milky-boxes1 milky-boxes2 milky-boxes3


I would pretty chuffed if I had created this…


German artist/journalist Jonas Ginter created this video which gives the illusion that he is cycling on a tiny planet. He has used a collection of 6 Go Pro cameras mounted on a hand-made device and then attached overhead on his bicycle.


It makes me giggle when I watch it.


Via Colossal 




Loving your work Luke – some lovely images in your collection.

Definitely an inspiration to me

Long may you continue to capture buildings ‘on their best side’



A few snaps from my Sunday photo session in Redcliffe, Bristol. Shots of the old Pilkinton glass factory and surrounding industrial buildings.

More can be seen on my Tumblr

All images shot with my Lumix GH1 and kit lens.




Door 2
Door 2
Door 1

Door 1

Gathered some friends and cameras and took to my local neighbourhood for a photo session. Some sun shone through, some rain fell and some very strong wind blew.

Would have been better with a tripod, but it was a start…images to follow…

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