Beautiful video installation from Iceland – stunning.

Of particular interest is how he managed to get the video to penetrate through several layers of membrane/fabric…

He used multiple layers of white net fabric which not only captures the light that is projected onto it, but also allows it to pass through.

The structure is made of scaffolding arranged to look like a pixelated cloud

“The scaffold, once liberated from its functions as an element in the construction industry, is treated as an object of art in itself. “

The visuals were projected at 24,000 lumens from two light sources.

It took a sizeable team to make this happen, so I shall continue to dream!

Full credits here.



I just read quite a good article by David Parish on about the importance of choosing the right customers for your creative product or service.

It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but equally it is easy to dismiss the power of good marketing and often it is dismissed as quite simply ‘selling out’.

This is definitely an issue that plays on my mind when I think about producing site-specific work, and realise that in order for it to be a success, not only does the content need to be top notch, but I need to encourage the right people to see it. Friends and family are all well and good, but they won’t be offering commissions now will they?!

It also made me think about the Your Paintings projections that occurred last Friday – in my mind a prime example of lack of publicity or the might marketing, as I haven’t seen much (or any) evidence of discussion or mention online or in local press. Seems a real shame because I think you could have easily packaged that up as an exciting event to stimulate public interest in the’Your Paintings’ project as a whole.

Full article here

Unfortunetly I didn’t make it to Cabot’s cirucs (in the heavy rain I may add) to see the projections there, but found a couple of tweets/twit pics of paintings on display in Leicester and Sheffield.

image by @allymogg

image be @BBCLeicester
Shame as it doesn’t seem like this was very widely publisized…but I still love the concept behind it. It would be a nice idea to do a series of projections to showcase local works perhaps, in a relevant location and context.
One to think about…

As part of a collaboration between the BBC, the Public Catalogue Foundation (a registered charity) and participating collections and museums from across the UK, there will be giant projections taking place across the country in 28 city locations tonight.
Art works will be projected onto buildings between 16.30-20.00 – with one scheduled for Cabot’s Circus in Bristol.
Each location will show four paintings of national interest, as well as three paintings specific to its region in a celebration of the UK’s collection of 210,000 oil paintings.

Brillinat Idea I think – planning to check it out in a short while – I’ll take a couple of snaps and post later on.

More Info:

12 Minute baby by Kate Downie
Seriously jealous of the lucky buggers who have tickets for the Kraftwerk extravaganza at Tate Modern.
I can only imagine the mulitmedia spectacle!
Now thats a way to put on a show. I agree with some of the reviews I’ve read that their move into museum performances seems fitting, I mean why not? It lends a completely different sense of occasion and a bloody exciting one at that!


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