The immense music from the guy behind Pixel Cloud….

Worth a mention in itself



So apparently Cadbury choose Google+ as it’s platform to launch Dairy Milk Bubbly.
An interesting decision and one I would love to know the real reasons behind. I am yet to hear any good things about Google+…from anyone…friends or generic internet population.

Conversely I have just read about how Pinterest is giving Google+ a jolly ol’kick in the googlies!
It is reported that interest in + has diminished with the rise of the pin board. I suppose it is yet another contender in the fierce social-media arena which highlights google+’s lack of original positioning.

I have recently been granted a Pinterest account (as you have to request one and join a waiting list!), but am yet to engage or even investigate frankly. Maybe I should do that now!

Or maybe screw that…I’m going back in time…to a Myspace time…a simpler time!

Via The Drum.


Gorgeous images from a selection of projects inspired by literary classics. My favourite featured on brain pickings is a project entitled “Wake in Progress” by Paris based illustrator Stephen Crowe.

His works are inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.

Ok, I was reading about the ‘big ideas’ from SXSW this year on and they listed the ‘Blog code of conduct’ as one of the top three. This lead me to the website

Now the main reason for this blog post was to flag up this great idea, but also to say how pretty the curatorscode site is.

On curator’s code they demonstrate the importance of acknowledging where you get your information and inspiration from. They also propose two symbols to be used as a ‘universal’ language when acknowledging the links to original information.

I tried to copy these symbols into this body of text, but alas it didn’t work. So you will have to check out the site yourself to see the symbols and to also see the PRETTYNESS! Ooooooooooohh!

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