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Selling your second hand car – why not market it like a brand new shiny automobile?!

That’s what this guy did –

Here you can view a book created 271 years before Pantone’s first colour guide in 1963. By an artist known only as A. Boogert and written in Dutch, this was a guide to mixing watercolours and is frankly pretty impressive.

Lovely inspiring little story.


a page from A. Boogert's book from 1692

a page from A. Boogert’s book from 1692


Example of extensive colour breakdown

Example of extensive colour breakdown


It is funny to think of the huge popularity of Pantone now and the sense of excitement a humble colour chart can bring. Little did A. Boogert know…



Via Colossal

I would pretty chuffed if I had created this…


German artist/journalist Jonas Ginter created this video which gives the illusion that he is cycling on a tiny planet. He has used a collection of 6 Go Pro cameras mounted on a hand-made device and then attached overhead on his bicycle.


It makes me giggle when I watch it.


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A colleague just shared a BBC magazine article entitled Code masters: Meet Britain’s new digital artists.

Right up my street, so had a look at Katie Molga’s work. One day I will be clever enough to do something like this!

The ideas she explores in the works Entropy and THE… are really interesting.

More reading here.




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