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Just seen a lovely piece of graphic design work I wanted to share.


The brief was “Everything About One Thing”

“Gather a complete knowledge about one single thing and make that accessible for the public in the form of either a book, magazine or digital presence.”

Student Dominic Tunstall created a book about colour blindness, check it out here:


Via Design Taxi




No single definitive answer unfortunately….but still an interesting read…


Water slide on Park Street anyone?

50m slide in ashton court bristol

50m slide in ashton court bristol


Luke Jerram specialises in interactive installations, and has plans to install a giant water slide on Park Street this summer.

Sounds great to me.

I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to have a go; I always wince when I see skinny jeans-with-a-man-inside flying down the hill on their skateboard.

Jerram spent some time at the tail end of 2013 testing slides in Ashton Court estate, as in the photo above.

I am a real fan of Luke’s work; in particular his project “Play Me, I’m Yours” from 2009. He placed pianos around the city centre to encourage public participation.

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