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By the Russian photographer and illustrator; a series she started in 2011 she calls Milky Photo.

milky-boxes1 milky-boxes2 milky-boxes3


I would pretty chuffed if I had created this…


German artist/journalist Jonas Ginter created this video which gives the illusion that he is cycling on a tiny planet. He has used a collection of 6 Go Pro cameras mounted on a hand-made device and then attached overhead on his bicycle.


It makes me giggle when I watch it.


Via ColossalΒ 




A colleague just shared a BBC magazine article entitled Code masters: Meet Britain’s new digital artists.

Right up my street, so had a look at Katie Molga’s work. One day I will be clever enough to do something like this!

The ideas she explores in the works Entropy and THE… are really interesting.

More reading here.




Vice provides me with light entertainment from time to time. The occasional “oh yeah did you see that thing on Vice…” conversation pieces, you know.

This could be one, if I could muster the courage to venture “So…you see that Anus hotel?”.

Until I do, I can share it on here –





Via Vice Uk

The guys at work are all a-chatter about selling a parallax scroll into a client. Fun times for them if the client agrees.

So I’m posting a couple of my favourite examples.

The Kennedy example for the merit in its execution; the ‘Every last drop’ for its jovial fun.

My animation friend tells me ‘parallax is over’ but I am still admiring it.


Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy






Every Last DropEvery Last Drop2Every Last Drop 3Every Last Drop 4


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